EEOICPA Contacts


DEEOIC National Office
U.S. Department of Labor, DEEOIC
200 Constitution Avenue, NW, Room C-3321
Washington, DC 20210

Mailing Address:

DOL DEEOIC Central Mail Room

(202) 693-0081 (Main)

PO BOX 8306

(866) 888-3322 (Toll Free)

London, KY 40742-8306

(202) 693-1465 (Fax)

Director: Rachel P. Leiton

Deputy Director: Douglas Pennington

EEOICP toll-free number


Final Adjudication Branch (FAB) toll-free number


EEOICP Medical Bill Question toll-free number


National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
(NIOSH) Office of Compensation Analysis and Support


Office of the Ombudsman for EEOICP


TTY number for all Department of Labor Questions


Reasonable Accommodation Request

(303) 462-6401

Denver District Office

Physical Address:

U.S. Department of Labor, DEEOIC

P.O. Box 25601

One Denver Federal Center, Bldg. 53

Denver, CO 80225-0601

Mailing Address:

DOL DEEOIC Central Mail Room

(720) 264-3060 (Main)

PO BOX 8306

(720) 264-3099 (Fax)

London, KY 40742-8306

(888) 805-3389 (Toll Free)

Regional Director: Dean Woodard

Deputy Regional Director: John Sullivan

District Director: Ronnie Sanchez

Assistant District Director: Kathryn Jimmerson